Body Compassing Course

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9 embodiment meditation practices to walk you through the 3 steps of total embodiment.

The Body Compassing Course
The 3-Stages of Embodiment
9 Guided Audio Embodiment Practices
9 Downloadable Transcriptions
BC Community (Members Only)
Progressive Path of Embodiment
Easy Access at Home or On the Go


3 reviews for Body Compassing Course

  1. AdminPriscilla Peach Lang

    When I first started seeing Sam, I had severe anxiety and panic attacks. I had physical pain in my body, and although some of it was being managed through yoga and breath work, I still had this overwhelming sense of “false calmness”.

    What I mean by this is on most days I would wake up thinking “today is going to be a good day” and “I have plenty of tolerance and room to handle stress today”, but then the slightest stress would enter and throw me for a major loop wrecking my physical and emotional state.

    Sam helped me get back into my body and understand how the nervous system works. She helped me learn to self-regulate my reactive ways of dealing with stress, and with her help I was able to integrate embodiment techniques in my life to help me respond to situations that would normally be triggering. After six months of seeing her all my symptoms vanished, and I have not had another anxiety/panic episode in over five years now.

  2. AdminSue Ellbogen

    My experience with Biodynamic Health Systems has been very rewarding. Samantha has introduced me to a new way of thinking and living that has enhanced my life. The journey is continuing and I highly recommend Samantha to anyone that is interested in improving their health and restoring their sense of well-being.

  3. AdminElisa Gennari

    I love the way Samantha takes you through exploring your body mind field, with kindness and compassion. The first time I touched myself with compassion was thanks to Samantha.

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